2022 Goal Update — Where am I?

TLDR; I am hitting my development goals so far!

2022 Goal Update — Where am I?

Here we go again. It’s time that I finally have some time to sit down and update you on where I am currently on my 2022 goal. TLDR; create 12 apps in 12 months using flutter. Putting me at one app a month.

While this goal may seem lofty to some and a breeze to others I am happy to announce as of May that I am currently hitting this goal each month. Why bring this up before the end you ask? Well. I would like to document my progress in hopes to inspire others to also set goals and meet them as well as share some of the neat stuff I have been able to create.

My first app Countdowns I actually wrote a whole article about it that went more in depth on the design and development process. While I wanted to continue this trend of writing in detail about each app as I went along, it was adding to much to my plate, so it might be a future story. I did however want to list out the apps I have created so far.

Each one of these apps have built upon each other everytime. Each time I start a new one, I am able to include a new feature or idea into the next one. Weather it be adding an animation, camera, or even something behind the scenes that the user won’t notice but makes the developers life so much eaiser.

I would like to point out that each of these apps are available on both the App Store and Google Play store. This is a big feat for me, simply because this is accomplishing my goal of actually creating something and not simply idealizing it.

Overall I am very happy with my progress so far but I still have more work ahead of me.